ID Card Printers

We supply few models of ID card printers to suit your needs.

Card Reader Devices

Get your devices to communicate with your card here.

Pre-printed Plastic Cards

Most efficient and economical when printing 500 pcs or more of the same cards.

Customized Plastic Cards

Best option for small volume such as employee and school ID card.

Blank Plastic Cards

Choose your right blank plastic cards to start your own printing now.

Customized Software

Customized membership smart card software and apps.

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ID Cards Printers

Magicard Pronto

Hand-fed ID Card Printer
A quality dye-sublimation ID card printer at a great price. Incredibly easy to use with drop-in dye film and hand-fed card loading.

  • Print Speed: 35 seconds colour, 7 seconds monochrome.
  • Card Thickness: 0.51mm to 1.02mm (20mil to 40mil).
  • Card Capacity: Hand fed 1 card at a time.

Magicard Enduro

The single to dual-sided upgradable printer for plastic cards
The Magicard Enduro printer can be ordered single or double-sided. For added flexibility, a simple drop-in upgrade is available for customers whose needs change from single-side cards to double-side cards in the future. .

  • Print Speed: 35 seconds colour, 7 seconds monochrome.
  • Card Thickness: 0.51mm to 1.02mm (20mil to 40mil).
  • Card Capacity: 100 cards feeder, 30 cards stacker

Magicard Prima 4

Reverse-transfer laminating printer The Prima 4 uses a printing technology called reverse-transfer. Images are printed onto a thin transfer film and heat onto the card. The quality of the finished card is comparable to off-set litho printing, but with the advantage that every card can be different.

  • Print Speed: YMCK between 30 40 seconds.
  • Card Thickness: 0.25mm to 2.0mm (10mil to 80mil).
  • Card Capacity: 300 cards feed tray, 100 cards output stacker.

Magicard Rio Pro

Single or double sided security watermark ID Card Printer
The high security Rio Pro prints top quality images and offers customers an option for fully customizable HoloKate watermark protection. A choice of 4 standard HoloKote designs and 1 HoloKete Flex design are selectable from the printer driver. The Custom HoloKete option enables customization watermark to an individual logo or security design.

  • Print Speed: 23 seconds colour, 6 seconds monochrome.
  • Card Thickness: 0.51mm to 1.27mm (20mil to 50mil).
  • Card Capacity: 100 cards feed hooper, 70 cards output stacker.


Magicard Pronto

Pronto User Manual (Download)

Pronto Printer Driver (Download)

Magicard Enduro

Enduro User Manual (Download)

Enduro Printer Driver (Download)

Magicard Rio Pro

Rio Pro User Manual (Download)

Rio Pro Printer Driver (Download)

Magicard Prima 4

Prima 4 User Manual (Download)

Prima 4 Printer Driver 8.02_iss2 (Download)

Magicard dye film
  • Colour dye film with overcoat panel (YMCKO)
  • Monochrome resin dye film Black
  • Monochrome resin dye film White
  • Monochrome resin dye film Silver
  • Monochrome resin dye film Gold
  • Monochrome resin dye film Blue
  • Monochrome resin dye film Red
  • Monochrome resin dye film Green